Our destiny as well as yours will depend on your ability to imagine new ways to do things

You will be responsible on your work, your team objetives and the corporative goals

We work in a proyect to improve things

We are building the Company in which we dream, and it will depend on our choices

Join Us

A new Business and a challenging Proyect

We are not looking for employees but fellow travelers

Did you like what you read about us? Would you like to be part of a challenging project?

  • We are looking for passionate engineers who want work on blockchain, content manager, web environment, AI;  technicians with a great imagination and the desire to create new things.
  • We are looking for passionate communicators, who love to share an idea, working in social networks, expand relationship wordwile and thinking out of the box.

At this time, all of us are working under the model of “American garage” but that will only last a short time

We can offer you